Let us guide you through your personal journey to Natural Healing with Medical Marijuana


Kris Roessler is the founder of Hempleaf Consulting in Scottsdale Arizona. She has been a certified Patient Advisor as well as a medical marijuana patient for several years. She spent 4 years with local dispensaries patient advising and successfully guiding patients to natural pain relief utilizing medical marijuana. Her position was vast, taking on many roles such as Community Engagement Coordinator & Brand Ambassador working close with certification centers & naturopathic physicians, educating the public on how to get their medical marijuana cards and brand knowledge. Kris emphasizes the necessity and need of a natural plant for chronic pain & other ailments. She found that she was most passionate about patient advising and decided to devote herself to the ongoing education of patients.


After her own personal journey with weight loss, she decided to become a certified personal trainer. She lost 79 pounds using THC-V a compound on the medical marijuana plant that acts as a natural appetite suppressant. Kris feels through natural health & wellness using medical marijuana she is healthier in her 40's than she ever was in her 20's. She uses CBD & THC daily for colitis flair ups & pain relief.




1 hour individual consultation at a local coffee shop in Scottsdale. Consultation includes Assessment, Resources and a Q&A session. Also includes a complimentary post con...
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